Why can’t I fly?

Do I not deserve to feel freedom physically rather than it being a small ruined faint thought in the back of my mind. 

Why must you keep me inside this cell?

I am no criminal I swear by it. Does my word not have the same worth as yours? Yes, I know I’ve stolen that apple but, I haven’t eaten in days.

What have I done to be put in such a  harsh position?

You won’t let me near your children though I am a child myself. Do I not deserve friends? Yes, I am quiet and rarely speak but, I am afraid the smallest of a whisper is all it’ll take for you to abandon me.

Why? What have I done?

Why must I do tricks like a dog to get some sort of attention? Why must my leg, arm, or something to that nature be missing for you to recognize me as a human being?

Why must you look at me with such anger when I act out after years of keeping it all in? What advice do you have to give? Do you know what its like to miss a meal, never receive a Christmas present, or watch your sister move away somewhere with a complete stranger?

It didn’t matter how much I begged them not to take her did it? Though they know she was the very last thing I had and I for her the same.

It doesn’t matter, never has.

As I sit in the rain watching the small droplets fall away from the dark clouds onto the old dimly lit, roof sunken in the orphanage. I wonder…

When my feet grow tired of dancing, will I be able to get back up again?

Never forget


Never shall I forget those intense brown eyes glistening with so many emotions I could never understand

Never shall I forget the smile that seemed to reach beyond bliss

Never shall I forget the courage that had shown brightly even in the darkest night 

Never shall I forget the faint pure light that quieted the demons that awaken in the night 

Never shall I forget the long nights she stayed by my side as I cried 

Never shall I forget all the broken pieces of me she healed just by never telling me a lie 

Never shall I forget the life she gave to me as I stayed by her side watching the light go dark as she began to die inside

Never shall I forget her emotionless eyes staring into mine after saying goodbye for the very last time