Fly away angel


Fly away angel.

Fly away from the glossy eyed, empty lies of lady liberty.

Fly away from Mr. Green and big brother because mother debt is a unwelcome fury.

Fly away from the blood thirst of war, remember that it not only calls for boys overseas but, also for your boys. Make no mistake not even age is reprieved.

Fly away from the river of tears you’re sure to shed if you stay here.

Fly away from distorted dreams your human heart believes how does one learn to trust something that comes within a cage. 

Fly away from the promise of fortune and fame; for everything has a expiration date. 

When your chest is sunken in and you’ve traded in your wings for a nightmare disguised as a dream.

Where are your friends? No where in site.

Where is your fame? Filling your frame with a younger more vibrant picture.

Where is your fortune? No, amount of money can save you from…you.

Fly away angel before time locks you away.




Old but Young

I’m 16 years old, but I feel like I’m 39 

My back aches, my hands fail me,ears ring as if there in need of hearing aids. I’ve got very few reasons to get out of bed.

Shades drawn over the Windows, birds haven’t risen quite yet, all is still.

I close my eyes for what feels like moments my clock reads 6:15, when I open them again it reads 6:35.

I’ve got to get up it’s almost time to leave but no matter how much I search inside of me I can’t find a reason to keep going.

I know a child should not be saying this. I thought the same so I went to find the little girl inside of me so she might point out the rainbow in all this rain because my eyes see as if they’ve seen 70 years worth of pain

I search high and low all I heard was silence. 

I wonder where had she gone or was the silence always there and I was to busy wanting to be a grown up to care. 
And I know I am only 16 but, every night I lie myself down to sleep my bones groan in misery as if their carrying the weight of the world. 

My feet shrink away into the covers at the slightest breeze. My bladder holds up like a house made of straw on a California beach.
And I know I am only 16 but… it sure doesn’t feel that way.

11 million Slandered


In response to the people who refuse to acknowledge the holocaust happened.


I can’t believe you would think such a thing. Let alone have the audacity to utter them.

The holocaust wasn’t real.

Are you out of your damned mind!

How dare you spit on the lives of millions!

How dare you deny their anguished cries!

How can you discount the lives of  11 million people and scorn the remaining 3.6million! 900,000 jews out of 6 million were left!

How can you believe it’s a hoax on the notion that if this had happened; Where is the uprising? Aren’t they angry, why have so little of them spoken out?

I ask you. Had you seen a newborn burned alive would you be able to tell anyone without the child’s screaming plaguing your mind?

The countless days spent fleeing the embrace of sleep, knowing all to well soon the images of your own children’s splattered brains on the very same pavement they had once biked on. Would you be able to swallow that, like they do?

Hiding under piles of sheets become something of the norm. The muggy fog and murky ground is the true monstrosity. Mothers remains thrown into the flames by the same boys they had raised. Could you do the same?

Would you pledge to a country promising freedom when freedom was a broken song that you couldn’t sing?

Take heed in these words if you have nothing good to say, just don’t speak!



Why can’t I fly?

Do I not deserve to feel freedom physically rather than it being a small ruined faint thought in the back of my mind. 

Why must you keep me inside this cell?

I am no criminal I swear by it. Does my word not have the same worth as yours? Yes, I know I’ve stolen that apple but, I haven’t eaten in days.

What have I done to be put in such a  harsh position?

You won’t let me near your children though I am a child myself. Do I not deserve friends? Yes, I am quiet and rarely speak but, I am afraid the smallest of a whisper is all it’ll take for you to abandon me.

Why? What have I done?

Why must I do tricks like a dog to get some sort of attention? Why must my leg, arm, or something to that nature be missing for you to recognize me as a human being?

Why must you look at me with such anger when I act out after years of keeping it all in? What advice do you have to give? Do you know what its like to miss a meal, never receive a Christmas present, or watch your sister move away somewhere with a complete stranger?

It didn’t matter how much I begged them not to take her did it? Though they know she was the very last thing I had and I for her the same.

It doesn’t matter, never has.

As I sit in the rain watching the small droplets fall away from the dark clouds onto the old dimly lit, roof sunken in the orphanage. I wonder…

When my feet grow tired of dancing, will I be able to get back up again?

I won’t forget you

I had a monkey long ago, not just any monkey, a monkey with oh so soft brown eyes. A large smile that beat the stars hands down.

Over the years the brown, turn to gray.

Ironically so did I.

I died on the inside every time I chanced a glace his way. How I wished the sickly skin tone would go away.

He fought hard he did. Brave little monkey he was, and is forevermore.

Funnily enough I feel as through that little monkey known from the start. He held fast to life with both hands. Played it sweet like the smoothest of harps. When that song was over he lay still.

Goodbye little monkey. I’ll never stop wearing the symbol of you.

Pink ribbon tied tightly to my wrist, I strut proudly not caring what others think.

Because, you little monkey taught me to be brave.

My Cinderella


Search my eyes for the answer find nothing but void

I took your place you know who you are

 I did my share dancing with death around hell’s square

 I love you dear I always have one more advise from the one who gave you their all

 catch what ever tear thats about to fall stay strong and most of all


Only exception is a man that treats you like you are the greatest thing he’ll ever know

Fair game


I lived for a second, back to present
You’re screaming at me you care
Maybe you’ve forgotten I don’t care
You’re looking at me with maliciousness and pride you think so sneakily you hide
You helped them kill me, made me shatter, made me twisted
Don’t call me friend, don’t say a word you make me sick
I know all of you, I was once your prey you stocked me, shot me as I ran, well now I’ve caught you in a corner this game is not yet over
To late I told you to run
The tables have turned
Yesterday you where the predator
Now you’re the prey, I promise I shall eat today.