Old but Young


I’m 16 years old, but I feel like I’m 39 

My back aches, my hands fail me,ears ring as if there in need of hearing aids. I’ve got very few reasons to get out of bed.

Shades drawn over the Windows, birds haven’t risen quite yet, all is still.

I close my eyes for what feels like moments my clock reads 6:15, when I open them again it reads 6:35.

I’ve got to get up it’s almost time to leave but no matter how much I search inside of me I can’t find a reason to keep going.

I know a child should not be saying this. I thought the same so I went to find the little girl inside of me so she might point out the rainbow in all this rain because my eyes see as if they’ve seen 70 years worth of pain

I search high and low all I heard was silence. 

I wonder where had she gone or was the silence always there and I was to busy wanting to be a grown up to care. 
And I know I am only 16 but, every night I lie myself down to sleep my bones groan in misery as if their carrying the weight of the world. 

My feet shrink away into the covers at the slightest breeze. My bladder holds up like a house made of straw on a California beach.
And I know I am only 16 but… it sure doesn’t feel that way.


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