I am sick and tired of reading books with the female characters saying…

“I need him, he’s my everything, or I wouldn’t know what to do without out him.”

No woman you need air!

And the fact that you say ” I wouldn’t know what to do without him. ” Really?

1.) You are out of bed

2.) You are breathing air or you would be dead

3.) Talking even though nobody wants to hear it

You know exactly what to do without him. Remember this words work, friends, independence. Yeah, at a point in time you’ve had at least one of those. If not your life sucks and so does your relationship. You should probably get out of there.

Get it through your thick head he’s not Superman. No, scratch that because superman ain’t perfect either.

There is no perfect man on this earth. Jesus is long gone people plus he’s married to Jerusalem.

So stop viewing your partner as a perfect, or almost always hits the target man. Because he’s not!

Woman mainly go into relationships thinking…

Oh my goodness he is my Knight in shining armor, he has everything under control, he will fix everything give him a little time.

Wrong! All of it doesn’t even come close!

Here it is straight up. He is overgrown teenager, who can maybe cover half the mortgage, sometimes once in a blue moon take you out to McDonald’s, and always find the time to watch TV, read the bible, or go out with friends but; almost never finds time for you if so about 20 minutes to jump your bones.

Yeah pretty brutal to read but, painfully true.

That’s the way it goes. Don’t get me wrong there is some stuff you might be able to change; depending on how stubborn he is.

You may alter his eating habits, flip his schedule around, maybe get him to shave but, rarely.

I can stake my life on this.

You never can never change him only he can change himself. Even after that, he won’t be perfect. So stop treating him like he is.

That’s just common sense.


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